Meet the Customer: Abigail Mickey

Name: Abby Mickey (@abimickey)
What do you do for a living: I am a cycling billboard. AKA a professional cyclist for Rally Cycling.
What coffee from The Coffee Ride makes you smile the most: oh my gosh, do I have to pick?? I’m a fan of the Ethiopia Guji Allona.
What’s your morning coffee routine: immediately when I wake up the first thing I make is a V60 pour over while listening to NPR’s Up First. With a scale, burr grinder, all the fancy…
If you could share coffee with any one person past or present, who would it be? My boyfriend, Toms (because he doesn’t drink coffee so I can have his share).
What’s your favorite coffee adventure: I live in Boulder, so my favorite coffee adventure is riding up through Lyons > Estes Park > Nederland > Home, and stopping at the following coffee shops along the way: the Stone Cup, Via Bicycle Cafe, SALTO!!, and then ending at Rapha for a toast and a brew. Yes, this is actually a ride I do often. If that’s not a coffee adventure I don’t know what is.
Why do like The Coffee Ride coffee: I am a fan of following your dreams, no matter how unconventional. Josh is doing just that, and riding your bike to deliver coffee is pretty dang rad! I’d support any business that advocates for dream following. Plus, the coffee is dang good! With lots of different single origin options guaranteed to make me smile in the morning.
What’s your favorite local ride: *see coffee adventure above and add in a stop at the Nederland co-op for a giant muffin the size of your face*
Top song on playlist right now: Taylor Swift, End Game
Any closing words? The only thing better than coffee is coffee and homemade scones.