About The Coffee Ride

What’s the deal with the Milkman costume?

Our Founder Josh Crane grew up just outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin hearing stories of his grandfather Jerry’s career during the 1950’s, a milkman for Borden’s dairy. Besides always having a fridge full of ice cream and popsicles, his favorite things were always hearing the tales of dependable Jerry waking up at 4am to go deliver the milk to his customers so they could all have fresh locally produced milk for their morning cereal. He recalls the images of the cold snowy Wisconsin mornings. The pride his grandfather had for both his job and the products he was delivering. The importance of it being on time and top quality. The fact that everyone knew his name even if he was gone before his customers were awake. The sense of community that was all tied into the whole process.

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how we came to make the best coffee in Boulder

How it all began:

The Coffee Ride all kicked off when Josh began bringing in the coffee he was roasting at home and making a morning Chemex brew for his coffee-centric co-workers to avoid the dreaded bad office coffee. This quickly turned into a morning ritual where more and more people began showing up early to gather, converse, and take a moment to relax before the hectic day began. This community building exercise brought a sense of camaraderie to the workplace and visibly transformed the attitudes of everyone involved. Josh saw how coffee brings people together and gives a sense of unity among people’s diverse qualities and allowed otherwise inhibited conversations to facilitate. It was after realizing the possibility of this transformation for others that Josh took his favorite things; his 20 min bicycle commute to work, nerding out on roasting coffee, creating community, and his nostalgia for his grandfather Jerry the milkman… and The Coffee Ride was born.

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making coffee for fellow cyclists

Where are we now?

Today, we've moved into our new roastery, upgraded to a beautiful new roaster, have a few other talented individuals helping with our local bicycle deliveries and to help spread the good word. Although things are a little different from when we first began in our garage back in 2014, our end goal is to provide you that sense of belonging wherever you are or what’s going on in the world. A coffee home base. Our motto is and always will be… making others happy by delivering fresh roasted coffee by bicycle.

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Boulder coffee roastery

Why The Coffee Ride coffee:

To us, community isn’t just proximal. Community is belonging to and supporting something that you believe in, love and want to share with others. Living in this fast paced Amazon world, now more than ever we are needing to slow down and are seeking connection to the products we use daily. Our goal at The Coffee Ride is to sustainably fill that need by sourcing amazing and meaningful coffees that give back to their communities, roast them to perfection, and deliver you the same fresh bean experience to your front door; whether it's locally bicycle delivered here in Boulder or shipped anywhere Nationwide. Basically a coffee that no matter where you make it, is like a warm hug from a loved one in every cup. We want to bring the best coffee in Boulder across the country!

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coffee roaster hug

Become a part of our coffee community and grab a bag of beans today.Your new favorite coffee is just a click away and we’d love to freshly roast some just for you.

Enjoy the ride! 


The Coffee Ride



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