Coffee Truck/Catering

For your mobile coffee and catering needs we have partnered with our friends at Astro. 
The future of coffee is here, and it is Astro Coffee Van, the Golden, CO coffee van that caters to both the earthbound and the starstruck. Operating on solar power, Astro Coffee Van offers a huge selection of signature espresso-based drinks, Red Bull-infused cosmic energies, matcha, chagaccino, breakfast burritos, and more! Focused on sustainability, Astro Coffee Van is serving up a smile alongside social responsibility, a fitting theme for greater Denver. Bring this innovative coffee truck to your next event today!
Pre Paid Extensive Coffee Menu: $8 per person minimum of 90 people. If less than 90 people $10 per person
Pre paid option #2 (Coffee & Bonfire Burritos): $16 per person minimum of 90 people. Bacon & Veggie options. 
Minimums starting at $300, depending on commute, length of time and potential amount of people. (Email to inquire) 
Please Contact:
Lisa Huron
P:  231-313-3015