Meet the customer: Allison Baca

Name: Allison Baca

What do you do for a living: I am a professional triathlete but I also work full-time for and at a local cafe here in Boulder. I enjoy working in addition to training because I feel like it keeps my mind active and engaged!

What coffee from The Coffee Ride makes you smile: The Sumatra is quite delicious! We have been enjoying that for the past two weeks. My workouts seem to be going pretty well after my morning Coffee Ride coffee so I'm thinking it's going to become a pre-workout staple in our household. 


What's your morning coffee routine: We're not super fancy here so we grind up some beans with a little electric grinder (I know, I know it "tastes" better hand ground, but I need to save my arms for swim practice 😉), heat up some water, and mix it all up in a French Press! It's quick, easy, and we love how it turns out. 


If you could share coffee with any one person past or present, who would it be: Perhaps it's a cliche answer but I would choose my husband every time. He's my favorite coffee date, riding partner, taco-eating companion, etc!


What's your favorite coffee adventure: I'm not sure that I have had a coffee adventure yet! Tony and I did plan to make coffee while camping last summer and perhaps that would have been my favorite coffee adventure, because I mean how can you beat making coffee up in the mountains in the crisp summer morning air? But alas, we forgot a starter for the fire thingy (can't you tell I'm such a pro camper?!) and we drove to the nearest coffee shop in town where they pulled us some shots using electricity. I will make that a goal for this summer - learn how to use camping stove and make coffee in the mountains. 


Why do you like The Coffee Ride coffee: While I do love the actual coffee from The Coffee Ride, I believe the story behind any company is what truly draws people in. Josh's story behind The Coffee Ride, a small micro roaster delivering coffee by bike to bring the best coffee directly from roaster to customer, is what I like the most. Josh is so passionate about his work and his product. He literally wants to deliver an experience - a positive way to start your day, yet at the same time a way to slow down and appreciate your cup of coffee to all of his customers. He is eager to show you the process while he is busy roasting and hand-labeling all of the bags! 


What's your favorite local ride: I love riding around Boulder Canyon and connecting all the roads together. Maybe something like Lee Hill to Sunshine to Gold Hill to Escape Route to Sugarloaf to Magnolia, something totally crazy and challenging! 


Top song on playlist right now: Woah tough one right here! For casual listening, "Memorized" by Mat Kearney, for training, "X" by Nicky Jam.


Any closing words? I never appreciated coffee until I moved to Boulder. If you are like I once was, go ask Josh or someone knowledgeable about coffee to taste the difference and explain the entire process from plant to cup. Coffee is second only to oil as one of the world's top commodities and industries. It can change the future for people living in third-world countries and our relationship with coffee here in the US has a direct impact upon changing the world in this way. I admire Josh for bringing this experience and knowledge to customers through pedal-power!