Meet the Customer: Tony Baca


 Q: What’s your name?

A: Tony Baca

Q: Profession?

A: Professional Cyclist and Coach

Q: What coffee from The Coffee Ride makes you smile the most? 

A: The Ethiopia Guji :D

Q: What’s your morning coffee routine?

A: I either do French press when my wife is around... or aero press if it's just my self. 

Q: What’s your favorite adventure that included coffee? 

A: My wife, Allison, and I, headed to the mountains with a couple bags mounted in our bikes... we ended up camping at the top of Switzerland trail... I brought my grinder, aeropress, and of course, my Ethiopia Guji from The Coffee Ride, what a day!!! nothing like enjoying the wonderful views, next to your best person, drinking some quality "cafecito" (coffee in Mexico)

Q: Why do you choose to drink The Coffee Ride coffee?

A: I have chose The Coffee Ride because Josh enrolls with the community, especially the cycling one, something I am entitle to do every day... making friendships and having a good time!

Q: What’s your favorite local ride:

Now (aka-the donut ride)... The Coffee Ride on Friday mornings! such a cool loop, gravel roads, fun characters; not to mention, the perfect stop at the Lucky bakery at the end of the ride.