3 Ways to Boost Your Daily Coffee Brew

Improve Your Daily Brew

With automatic drip brewers by far still being the most popular way to prepare your morning coffee it's time we get you a little bit more dialed in. For something that is so important in our lives, every morning should start with an amazing tasting cup of coffee.
We've been having a lot of conversations with folks lately about their coffee routines and have been able to help improve their preparation greatly by just answering a few basic questions. The top 3 ways to achieve better coffee is ...
  1. Buy better coffeeThis we'd assume should be obvious since you're already reading this email, but the number one way to improve your coffee game is buying better coffee. Fresh roasted, high quality sourced and properly roasted will take you a very very long way. A tomato will never taste like an orange; but a perfectly vine ripened backyard grown tomato will make your BLT taste amazing. Nobody wants an orange on their BLT anyway :).
  2. Correct Grind: Each coffee preparation requires a different grind size. Specifically for drip brewers, coffee ground too fine will be extremely bitter. Coffee ground too coarse will be dull and lacking luster. Coffee pre-ground from the store is often way too fine for most drip machines. A blade grinder can get you close, but often leads to uneven grind sizes resulting in a combination of both bitter and dull. If you can find good burr grinder, that's going to be your next biggest improvement to level up your coffee game.
  3. Ratio of Coffee to Water: We hear it all the time. "I want a stronger cup of coffee so I grind super fine". This may result in a "stronger" cup of coffee, but mostly will only result in a mouth puckering bitter experience. Keep your grind size the same and add more actual coffee if you're looking for a stronger cup. There is a specific grind size for each brewing method to result in optimal flavor. If the flavor is good, but you'd just like more of it... add more coffee :)
For a more detailed description and to see what your coffee should look like on your drip machine, just head over to our brew guide for AUTO-DRIP.
Thank you for all your support! 
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