Mustang Sanctuary Coffee

Mustang Sanctuary Coffee

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Here at the coffee ride we are in constant pursuit of doing what's right and fighting for what we believe in. Not only do we strive to help improve the lives of our fellow humans, but feel it's also important to speak up for our animal friends too. For the past handful of years, we have worked with the Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary and are proud to announce them as one of our latest cause coffee partners. 

 The Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary offers practical solutions, education and awareness about mustangs and burros, collaborate to support wild horses and burros by providing training, adoptions and sanctuary to those in need. This sanctuary provides a peaceful, safe and nurturing location of over 900 acres that's full of beautiful rolling open meadows, stands of pine trees, arroyos and ponds. 

 As you can only guess, to maintain and operate this facility it's extremely expensive which is why 20% of your coffee purchases will go directly to the foundation to help continue their charitable efforts.


For more information or to make an additional donation please see Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary.


Thank you for your help.