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On December 31st, 2009, professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce sustained a life-threatening traumatic brain injury (TBI) before the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics. What followed was a remarkable healing journey, captured in the ‘The Crash Reel,’ a film by Lucy Walker. This film brought to light the prevalence and complexity of TBI around the world. In meeting millions of people on the film’s global tour, Kevin and his brother Adam began to realize that while each person’s injury and story are unique, the pathway to healing is dependent on community and resilience.

In 2014, LoveYourBrain began as a question: how can we help people build community and cultivate resilience? Over the past 8 years, LoveYourBrain has pioneered evidence-based programs to help people feel more connected to themselves and others. 

Our programs are intentionally designed around what Kevin discovered in his own healing journey: that yoga and mindfulness can be powerful tools for self empowerment and finding the resilience that exists within us all.

Our programs are developed to address and support the ‘whole person’ challenges that arise, not only for those with TBI but for the caregivers who play an essential role in healing. 

And our programs are building communities of support, resources, and compassion around the world.

Today, we’re the leading organization helping the TBI community live well, through our global in-person and online programs, and in partnership with world-renowned hospitals and clinical settings. We’re a founder-led team that values inclusive community, growth, and resilience. It’s why more than 50% of our team has their own lived experience with TBI. 

At LoveYourBrain, we believe everyone in the TBI community deserves to access their resilience, embrace who they are now, and reach their full potential. Join us! 

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