Wholesale DEFLATED (decaf)

Wholesale DEFLATED (decaf)

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Why sign up for our awesome subscription? Our coffee subscriptions let you customize your frequency perfectly so you never run out of coffee again or consistently receive a bag of our yummy coffee to accompany you while you explore roasters on your own personal coffee adventure. 

For a group of individuals who drink coffee specifically for it's flavor, we feel it's extremely important to roast you coffee that's just as delicious as any of our other coffees. We source only swiss water processed coffees because of its chemical free caffeine removal and it's ability to maintain the amazing notes you expect in any other high quality specialty coffee. 

Suggestion - Mix decaf coffee with any of your regular caffeinated coffees for your own personal half caff blend.

All our coffees are roasted specifically for each order on each Wednesday and ship/deliver everything the follow day on Thursday so your coffee reaches you as fresh as humanly possible. Peak flavor potential is around 12-15 days post roast and lasts anywhere from 30-45 days before slowly losing its luster.

Have an abundance of coffee from your subscription? Great hand crafted coffee makes a great gift for any reason or season.