The Art of Blending Coffee: Unlocking Unique Flavors

What elevates our blends above the rest?

...and what exactly is everyone else doing?

Imagine yourself sitting in a 5 star restaurant, that you've been dreaming of visiting for years, and ordering off a menu that is so fancy it doesn't even have prices on it. You order an outrageously expensive cut of meat that you've heard was their specialty and a must try. Upon receiving your much anticipated plate of food, you see that next to your main entree looks like some inexpensive store bought sides that lack both color and flavor; and possibly could have been sitting in the refrigerator for the last week . You'd be extremely disappointed about this situation right?

Similar to the situation above, the dirty little secret in the coffee world is that some folks think that when blending coffees, a certain percentage of inexpensive coffee can be added to bring the overall price down, without the customer being able to notice. This is historically why you see blends of reputable roasters at a pretty significant discount. While we do believe that there is a coffee out there for everyone, we also believe in transparency and when you trust a coffee company for their high quality and ethical sourcing, this in our opinions becomes quite the gray area. 

Our philosophy here at The Coffee Ride is that blending coffee should create both a unique and elevated experience above what you would receive if the single origin coffee was by itself. Similar to what chefs do in high end restaurants, they create plates of food that are complete experiences. Mouth watering by themselves, but even better when paired together. We do the same here at the roastery with your favorite coffee blends too. We'll take the citrus and caramel with our Colombia and match that with the brownie batter with walnuts of our Guatemala to create our daily grind blend. Both complex on their own, but a completely different elevated experience when put together. We do the same things with our espresso blends too. If you're interested in tasting the difference, check out a list of our favorite blends below. We now offer them all as both one time purchases and as subscriptions as well. We love them and hope you will as well.

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