Why We Choose Bicycles For Local Delivery.

For years we've been asked this very question. Folks always say, "wouldn't it just be easier if you delivered by car?". 
The real answer to that question is YES. Of course it would be much easier if we delivered by car. But, would it be the better way to do it? We think not!
From the inception of The Coffee Ride, we've been dead set on proving that there is a better way of doing business that cares equally as much about it's customers and products produced, as it does the environment.
  • We developed a packaging solution for our local deliveries where everything that our customers receive is compostable.
  • All our coffees are top notch specialty grade sourced from sustainable farms.
  • We figured out how to recycle all the packaging from our green coffees including our grainpro bags.
  • All byproducts from the roasting process are composted.
  • We developed a system of roasting fresh for each order, ensuring no coffee is wasted and our customers receive the best product possible.
  • All our 12oz retail bags are compostable.
  • All our shipping packaging is sustainable.
  • Have ridden over 26k miles delivering locally.
  • and the list could go on for the whole page.
We believe that delivering by bicycle and all of these other little things are what makes The Coffee Ride special and different. Our goal is to be an example to others that it is possible to have a successful business and do the right thing. Is it always the least expensive? NOPE. Is it the easiest? NOT AT ALL. We believe that all this hard work is worth it in the end when we see the smiles on all your happy coffee drinking faces and knowing that all our efforts will help leave this beautiful earth a better place for generations to come.
Thank you for all your support! 
If you love what we do, please help us spread the good word by telling friends and family.
Have questions? Shoot over an email to coffee@thecoffeeride.com. Enjoy.

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