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Q&A with the Customer: Brett Richard of Handlebar Mustache

What’s your name: Brett Richard Profession: Co-owner /facial hair 1/2 of Handlebar Mustache  Q: What coffee from The Coffee Ride makes you smile the most: A: Dark roasted decaf. I had a bit of a caffeine problem was drinking six LARGE cups a day and having issue functioning without it. Been free of caffeine for a 16 months. Q: What’s your morning coffee routine:A: Bit of soy creamer no sugar  Q: What’s your favorite adventure that included coffee:A: Riding to Ned and snagging vegan pastries at Mountain People Co-op and coffee at Salto is RAD Q: Why do you choose to drink The Coffee Ride coffee:A: Josh has great taste in beans and hustles hard..gotta support our small biz homie Q: What’s your...

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